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The Many Ways of Finding Cheap Student Air Fare
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Students generally have heads full of dreams of travel -- but empty pockets. How can they reconcile the two ends of this very depressing spectrum? The answer comes in the form of cheap student air fare.

Many airlines cater to the student market. Special deals and discounts can often be found on their sites. They will almost always ask for proof of student status before though. An email is generally sent to the university or institute the student is registered with, and confirmation of status will then unblock the booking procedure.

A student discount card helps escape this verification hassle. The International Student Identity Card allows for discounts on many trips and with many companies. The card itself, issued to students over 12 years of age and registered in the pursuit of a diploma or degree, proves the student status, eliminating verification needs with the school. The card also usually covers basic sickness and accidental travel insurance, which can diminish costs of a trip.

However, it is not as easy as it sounds to find the best cheap student air fare, be it on the phone or on the Internet. Patience is needed. It is tempting to let go of all hassles and book the first cheap deal, but cheap is a relative concept.

Consolidators, who re-sell tickets bought in bulk from airlines, might provide cheaper fares. Last minute deals, usually advertised on Wednesday for the coming weekend, may also provide good deals for students. The ability to compromise on red-eye flights and midday departures may also mean cheaper fare. Midweek departures, away from peak times, are also a good bet. Off season tickets are also cheaper. Landing at remote airports as opposed to the big ones can also significantly bring the price lower. Another option available to students is to travel as courier for a shipping company. In exchange for delivering courier documents at the destination, students can benefit from cheap seats on a flight. Checked baggage allowance is forfeited in this case, with the freight filling the checked-baggage allotment. E-tickets also cost less than paper tickets, with the added advantage that these never get lost.

All in all, cheap student air fare is more a question of compromise and the ability to fit in tight spots than actually landing a cheap fare.

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