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The Deal on Cheap Last Minute Air Fare
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Who does not dream of being able to suddenly pack up and leave to get away from the everyday hum drum? Many people turn to last minute deals to find something to suit their escapist prospects. However, the challenge often arises in finding cheap last minute air fare for such purposes.

There are no exact rules of thumb where such deals are concerned. It is more often the case of being alert or peeking at the right place at the right time.

A major hurdle of last minute trips is inconvenience. Compromise is the suit of the game here. Once past this hurdle, it will all generally fall into place.

The Internet has made it easier to find cheap last minute air fare. Specialized sites can be accessed virtually anywhere, anytime. Some even carry specialized newsletters that go out regularly with all the information on last minute deals. A good many flight companies also advertise their last minute fares over their own website. Listings usually come out on Wednesdays, for fares for the coming weekend period. Informed browsing is the key here.

The choice of destination also plays a lot in the balance. Short haul trips, close to the personís current location, will generally return to much cheaper compared to longer trips, especially to distant countries. The need for specialized visas to some countries, which often need to be applied for and obtained a good while prior to the flight, often restrict the ability for a last minute decision to head there. Using different carriers, and choosing to land at remote airports, for example, can further help in getting hold of a good last minute deal.

It is wrong to assume that low cost airlines will carry good cheap last minute air fare. More often than not, until the last minute, these companies will still sell at the same price as say, a booking 14 days earlier. It is often on charter flights, which need to maximize seat occupation, that last minute cheap rates can be acquired. Another good contender is to scour travel packages by travel agents. Flights are booked in conjunction with hotel stay, and to maximize the return and profitability of the endeavor, many travel agents with remaining package places will put them out at remarkably low prices at the last minute.

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