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How to Find a Good Deal on Cheap Air Fare Tickets?
Michalis 'BIG Mike' Kotzakolios

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Everyone likes to save money. It’s a fact. The basic economic concept of using scarce resources to satisfy unlimited wants hits each and every one. Finding cheap air fare tickets also adheres to this principle.

It pays to remember that what is “cheap” depends on every one’s perception. Still, a set of general characteristics or a consensus does come about.

A fare can sound exorbitant, however. Common sense alone will generally tell someone if they’re being taken for a fool. Still, it does help to also support this gut feeling with hard facts and proof. Charting of fare prices comes to the rescue here. With the advent of the Internet, past trends and the historic of fares can be found for almost any destination. Peaks and lows of fare prices can thus be identified. Generally, the same trend can be expected every year at the same period. However, it has to be noted that the prices will definitely not be the same.

Cheap air fare tickets also depend much on the destination. In many cases, a premium is charged for places with infrequent flights. Limited seats available, especially if there is high demand, will mean higher prices. Airport taxes and other travel-related levies may also affect the total. Areas with no big competition between airports, for example a place with only one airport or carrier, will definitely practice higher prices. It does pay to recall in such cases that choosing an alternate airport even at a distance can return to cheaper. Drive time is not much of an inconvenience, especially if one is to make considerable savings in the process.

Supply and demand on certain days also affects the price of tickets. Peak days to travel are Monday, Friday, and Sunday. It is usually when most people need to come and go from a place. Saturday, Tuesday and Wednesday are the days with lowest traffic, so prices may be lax for these. It is also cheaper to travel in evenings and nights.

Discount and no-frills airlines also provide good deals for cheap air fare tickets. The no-frills policy eliminates on much of the cost associated with travel, such as in-flight meals. Significant gains can be made thus.

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